What is a filling or dental filling?

Fillings are specific endodontic treatments that aim to repair caries affected by caries. The procedure involves removing decayed or infected biological material and filling the dental crown with composite. The operation can be painful only when the nerve or the dental pulp is affected, which is why it is performed under local anesthesia.

At the Implantodent dental clinic, doctors use only the most modern technologies and equipment to carry out the therapeutic treatment of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Caria – symptoms and manifestations

Tooth decay is caused by microorganisms that turn sugar from food into acids that erode the tooth enamel layer, creating a cavity in it.

In the early stages, dental caries is difficult for patients to notice. For this reason, regular visits to high-performance dental clinics can help to diagnose and treat them early. When caries is deep enough, patients report various symptoms, associated with a strong disturbing sensation during and as a result of contact with solid and / or liquid foods:

  • pain during chewing;
  • pain in the presence of cold / hot stimuli;
  • pain from contact with sweet / sour foods.

At the Implantodent dental clinic, the dentist cleans these degraded areas of the tooth and fills the cavity with an artificial material (filler) to protect the structure of the tooth and restore its appearance and functionality.

When is the filling necessary

Endodontists in our dentistry perform fillings in the following situations:

  • treatment of caries in an early stage;
  • treatment of advanced tooth decay to stop the spread of infection;
  • completing the canal treatments necessary to devitalize infected teeth.

Types of dental restorations through fillings

Caria – symptoms and manifestations

Direct restorations. These are fillings that are placed immediately in the patient’s cavity, after its preparation, in a single dental session. They include dental amalgams, glass ionomers, ionomer or composite materials. In this case, the dentist prepares the tooth (cleaning), places the filling and makes any adjustments in a single session.

Indirect restorations. The case of this type of restoration requires at least two dental sessions. This category includes: inlays (suitable for restoring the contour of a tooth) and onlays (slightly larger than inlays, also cover the surface of the tooth that is being chewed), dental veneers (a thin film that covers frontal dental surface), dental crowns (covering the entire tooth) and dental bridges made of non-precious metal alloys, ceramics or composites. During the first visit, the dentist prepares the tooth and performs the molding of the tooth that will be restored, which will be sent to the dental laboratory for manufacture. The next meeting will consist of cementing the filling materials in the cavity and adjusting as needed.

To find out which of these types of restorations suits you, come to the Implantodent dental clinic!

What is a channel treatment?

Duct or dental devitalization treatments are endodontic practices that consist of removing the nerve and the dental pulp. The procedure is accompanied by the elimination of bacteria inside the root canal, its disinfection and clogging, thus avoiding the proliferation of the bacterial population.

  • Apex Locator device. It allows you to keep track of how deep the root canal is, which is very important when installing a seal.
  • Ultrasound device. It allows the passage of complex root canals and the extraction of foreign objects from them. It is also used to clean periodontal pockets and to remove hard and soft plaque.
  • Ceramic inlays are another novelty that our doctors use on a large scale. These are fixed prostheses made in the laboratory and subsequently cemented in specially prepared cavities, thus reconstituting the morphology affected by some lesions of the dental crowns, especially caries, in conditions superior to fillings.

If you want to get a Hollywood smile, radiant gums and healthy teeth, we are waiting for you at the Implantodent dental clinic!

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