What does implant prosthesis mean?

Implant dentures are the ideal treatment solution for patients who have lost their entire teeth or whose teeth can no longer be saved, and who, for various objective reasons, cannot benefit from a fixed total bridge anchored to dental implants. They are the perfect replacement for classic prostheses, with a number of significant advantages over them.

To whom is implant prosthesis recommended?


Implant dentures attach to a small number of implants and provide excellent stability.

See who is recommended:

  • Patients with severe bone loss, especially in the lateral area, who are not allowed to insert an adequate number of implants to perform a fixed operation
  • Persons with moderate bone loss who do not allow the insertion of implants of adequate size, necessary to support a fixed bridge
  • Patients wishing to avoid complex and / or expensive bone addition procedures
  • People wearing classic mobile dentures
  • People who want a satisfactory treatment solution both aesthetically and functionally, but at a significantly lower cost than a fixed option

Advantages of implant prostheses

  • Excellent stability and functionality; they do not come off during meals, talking or when the patient is smiling
  • Small size compared to classic prostheses, but increased strength
  • DOES NOT cover the “palate”
  • They are light and comfortable; the patient quickly adjusts to them
  • It doesn’t change speech
  • It is easy to remove and sanitizes easily
  • It rests on dental implants and thus does not stimulate bone resorption as classic prostheses do
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Prosthesis type Mobility Implants required Fastening system
Fixed prosthesis The prosthesis is permanently fixed on the existing implants. Only the dentist will be able to remove the prosthesis. The number of implants differs from case to case. The prosthesis is provided with a set of holes that correspond to the ends of the implants. These holes are intended to insert the retaining screws and are to be closed after attaching the prosthesis to the implants.
Mobile prosthesis Although the prosthesis is very firmly supported on existing implants, the patient can remove it (for example for cleaning). The implants are attached to a frame (a bar) that is to support the prosthesis. The prosthesis will be fixed to the implants by a click or snap system.
Stabilization of the prosthesis (old prosthesis or a new prosthesis) The patient can easily remove the prosthesis. A small number of dental implants (eg two) are required. The prosthesis is supported by the gum and the implant abutments

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