Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small pieces made of ceramic and applied to the surface of the tooth by the dentist, in order to improve the appearance of the teeth. Did you know that a properly made dental veneer can last a lifetime and that, in general, over 80% of patients perform much better than expected? Hurry up to join the statistics.

Estetica dentara

In which cases are dental veneers recommended?

Although the purpose is the same, in most cases, dental veneers are clearly different from tooth whitening. Unlike teeth whitening, dental veneers can radically change both the color of the tooth and its shape and position.

Dental veneers, although not functional components, can be used to improve mastication or to strengthen a tooth affected by tooth decay.

When we use dental facets:

  • deep stained teeth, where teeth whitening does not give the desired results
  • unevenly colored teeth;
  • areas with lighter shades of white or chalky white
  • unsatisfactory natural tooth color
  • unsightly teeth, very sharp
  • very small teeth, with large spaces between them
  • closing lathes or other spaces
  • broken or chipped teeth
  • teeth tucked inside
  • rotated teeth
  • teeth too protruding

Contraindications for the installation of dental facets

  • of structure
  • big on the teeth
  • large size
  • extremely eroded
  • who meet head to head
  • which are encountered in reverse occlusion
  • support teeth or implant structures
  • when you have nothing to put on your dental veneer
  • in some cases dental implants

Advantages of dental facets

The main advantage of dental veneers is that they get perfect results in a very short time. It is done in only 2 stages, i.e. in a maximum of one week. With their help, many aesthetic problems can be corrected.

The dental veneers remain white throughout their wear. They do not pigment and do not cover easily with different colored foods.

They are extremely durable and resilient, being very friendly with the surrounding tissues, such as the gums.

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Services Price
Frontal dental restorations 1500 lei
Lateral dental restorations 1000 lei
All-ceramic / zirconium crown 200 euro
Dental veneer 250 euro
Tooth whitening 2500 lei a procedure
Dental jewellery 1000 lei

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