What does dental surgery mean?

Dental surgery is a very important branch of dentistry, whose competence is to treat dental diseases and the oral cavity through surgery. Implantodent offers a range of the highest quality services, with specialists with extensive experience.

Implantodent dental surgery:

  • Sinus lifting (internal or external);
  • Augmentation of alveolar ridge with artificial bone or autograft (addition of bone);
  • Extraction of teeth including intraosseous or submucosal, with preoperative indications for oral hygiene and X-ray orthopantomography;
  • Treatment with PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) membrane for rapid healing, the clinic has the device to manufacture this membrane;
  • Immediate oral communication closure;
  • Frenectomy / phrenoplasty / phrenotomy;
  • Removal of vicious scars or mucocele.

In addition, there are minor surgeries and dental emergencies. These include:

  • Extraction of molar teeth from erupted mandibular or maxillary eruptions;
  • Surgical extraction;
  • Extraction of mobile periodontal teeth;
  • Excision of simple tumors, epilides of various sizes.

What anesthesia is used in case of surgery?

All dental surgeries are performed under anesthesia. Local anesthesia is used predominantly, but in the case of complex and prolonged operations, it is also possible to perform general anesthesia.

To determine if you need dental surgery or other dental procedures, then come to a FREE consultation and find out which service is best suited to solve your dental problem.

Dental implant insertion operation

Services Price
Suture 250 lei
Sinus Lifting de la 1000 lei
Applied resection 2000 lei
Addition of bone de la 1000 lei
Curette in open field / tooth 500 lei
OS Cerabon 1-3g – oral surgery 150 euro
OS Embdogain 3-5g – oral surgery 450 euro
Simple tumor removal 1000 lei
Mental extraction of the mind 700 – 1500 lei
Semi-included mind molar extraction 1000 – 2500 lei
Mind extraction included 1500 – 2500 lei
Canine extraction included 1500 – 2500 lei
Monoradical extraction 500 lei
Pluriradical extraction 700 lei
Periodontal tooth extraction (mobile or temporary) 500 lei
Root residue extraction 500 lei
Decapitation of the molar mind 700 lei
Canine decapitation 700 lei
Cystectomy 500 lei
Transplantation de la 1000 lei
Gingivoplasty, gingivectomy / tooth de la 2000 lei
Phrenoplasty, phrenoctomy 1000 lei
Crest regularization 2000 lei
Autogenous bone graft sampling 2000 lei
Alveolotomy 2000 lei
Guided tissue regeneration 2500 lei
Alveolitis treatment 1000 lei
Postextractional hemorrhage treatment 1000 lei
Band Aid 1000 lei
Alveolar dental curettage 2000 lei
Subgingival / tooth dental curettage 500 lei
Subgingival / hemiarcade dental curettage (7/8 teeth) 1500 lei
Subgingival dental curette / arch (14/16 teeth) 2000 lei
Endodontic drainage 500 lei
Endodontic drainage + transmaxillary osteotomy 1000 lei
Abscess incision 700 lei

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