What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the straightening of crooked teeth, improperly positioned on the maxillary arches, and the correction of incorrect bites.

Why do we need orthodontic treatment?

Alignment of crooked teeth is necessary both for aesthetic reasons and for better maxillofacial health. Interdental spaces that are too large or too small, overlapping, overlapping teeth, favors the appearance of cavities, gingival inflammation, periodontitis and other health problems. With the help of a brace, incorrectly positioned teeth can be straightened and repositioned, resulting in a beautiful smile and a harmonious facial aesthetic.

Stages of orthodontic treatment

The treatment process in the field of orthodontics specialists in Implantodent dentistry is carried out in several stages:

  • The first step is diagnosis. These include: consultation, diagnostic examination, radiological studies and necessary calculations.
  • In the second stage, prophylaxis of the oral cavity, prevention or treatment of caries and surgery are performed after the extraction of the wisdom teeth.
  • The third stage is the main one. This is the treatment process itself. This consists of making the device, fixing it, performing corrective actions and monitoring the patient. Treatment procedures are performed once every 15-30 days for 6-24 months, and are assigned individually.

With implantodent only, prices are becoming more advanced than ever, and the range of services offered is more complex:

  • Metal brackets: this type of dental appliance is the first orthodontic appliance invented, being the most classic method of aligning teeth. At the same time, it won the hearts of many patients because of the lower price, as well as the small size and shorter duration of treatment.
  • Ceramic brackets: advantageous solution due to the lower visibility, the device retaining its transparency and color over time. It does not favor the deposits of tartar and bacterial plaque, which is why it is a perfect choice.
  • Sapphire brackets: in addition to the fact that they go unnoticed on the teeth, this device is one of the fastest and most comfortable solutions for patients, due to the easier cleaning and rarer control visits compared to other devices.

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Services Price
Orthodontist consultation 0 lei
Study model (orthodontics) 500 lei
Orthodontic tdeatment plan 500 lei
Fixed orthodontic braces, metal brackets, arch arcada 550 euro
Fixed orthodontic braces ceramic brackets arched arcada 600 euro
Fixed orthodontic braces partially self-adjusting – metallic 700 euro
Partially self-adjusting fixed orthodontic braces – ceramic 900 euro
OrtoImplant (orthodontic dental implant) pcs buc 150 euro
OrtoImplant tdaction 500 lei
Monthly contdol (periodic) fixed orthodontic braces arcada 300 lei
Monthly contdol (periodic) mobile orthodontic braces arcada 500 lei
Metal bracket soldering – orthodontics 500 lei
Ceramic brace gluing – orthodontics 500 lei
Mobile orthodontic braces repair 500 lei
Molar ring cementation 500 lei
Lingual arch 500 lei
Metal bracket fixing 500 lei
Fixed dental brace spring replacement 1000 lei
Retain fixed 1000 lei
Monoblock 1000 lei
Prophylaxis for brackets 1000 lei

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