Detartraj. Dental prophylaxis.

What does a professional tooth cleaning/scaling involve? A simple removal of the stone, the tartar or the pigment plate is able to radically change the external appearance of the teeth. In addition, the healthy oral cavity becomes the basis of the general well-being of the body, due to the removal of bacterial plaque, which can lead to various infections or discomfort, thus preventing the development of many diseases.

Dental prophylaxis 2-3 times a year

Descaling ensures good oral hygiene and maintains its health and attractive appearance. Often, over time, manual cleaning becomes less effective, leaving gaps in places that are harder to penetrate. Bacteria and food debris can accumulate here, which will gradually destroy the structure of the teeth or gums. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the dentist 2-3 times a year, for prophylactic purposes and to prevent any possible problems.

Instructions for professional tooth cleaning:

  • dense plate
  • tartar
  • unpleasant odour, which is not eliminated by hygienic means
  • inflammation
  • bleeding
  • inflation
  • pigment spots
  • plate of coffee, tea, cigarettes
  • periodontitis, periodontitis, gingivitis

Contraindicații pentru curățarea profesională a dinților:

  • hipersensibilitate
  • aritmie
  • inflamarea gurii
  • infecție
  • vârstă – pentru copii și adolescenți

If the contraindications are not then sign up for a dentist consultation!

Tartru or dental stone

Tartar is a disease characterized by the hardening of plaque formed as a result of poor oral hygiene. The plate is usually dark in color, the color is determined by the composition of the plate (food residues, bacteria, iron and phosphorus salt deposits).

To determine how the tartar is removed, the dentist will perform an examination of the oral cavity with a probe.

High performance ultrasonic tooth cleaning with ultrasonic device
guarantees the removal of the quality of the plate and dense stones. Ultrasonic vibration gently affects the tooth area, separating the stone, without the aggressive influence on the enamel. The device removes the deposit layer, restores the natural color. Thus, the teeth acquire a second life.

Professional cleaning with Air Flow is a popular and sought-after method that removes plaque, stone, restores a natural color, polishes the surface without damaging the enamel. The essence of the procedure is the action of a solution consisting of water and powder, which are directed to the tooth in the form of a strong jet with high pressure on the teeth. After some sessions if the teeth are sensitive, the surface is covered with fluoride-containing preparations, because during the procedure the surface layer containing fluoride is removed. The procedure with flower sensitivity should be repeated 2-3 times.

To determine the type of cleaning that suits you, you can sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION! And your dentist will examine in detail what type of descaling you need.

Services Price
Consultatia Gratis
Detartraj ultrasonic + Air Flow 1000 lei
Detartraj ultrasonic semiarcada 250 lei
Detartraj ultrasonic + Air Flow dupa Breket 1500 lei
Albire dentara (cape) 4000 lei
Albire dentara (foto) analogic ZOOM 2500 lei procedura
Albire dentara unui dinte 1000 lei
Fixarea elementului cosmetic (cristal) 1500 lei
Lac pentru sensibilitatea 400 lei
Sealing cracks 600 lei
Bruxism gutters 1000 lei

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