First visit to the dentist – dentistry for children

Haven’t you chosen dentistry for your baby yet? Many parents think that baby teeth are temporary teeth that will fall out anyway, so there is no need to worry about how they are treated and cared for.

Baby teeth begin to fall out around the age of 6, but the process continues until the age of 12, when temporary teeth and permanent teeth coexist. The truth is that the way your baby’s teeth are cared for will affect your oral health throughout your life.

The first teeth are the ones that set a base for future permanent teeth, and if this base is weakened due to unhealthy habits or poor care, the teeth that will grow later will take over most of the deficiencies that have already been established in the teeth of milk.

When do you go to the dental with your baby?

Usually, the first dental consultation of the child would be preferable to be done before the age of one year and using a specialist pedodontist, who specializes in pediatric dentistry and problems encountered in children, while having a proper approach. , so that the little one feels comfortable.

Such a consultation can be more than a routine, as often even a one-year-old child needs a deeper examination and sometimes preventive treatments.

How many times does a child go to the dentist?

The consultation may reveal existing issues that may cause problems in the future and, if necessary, decide on the frequency of follow-up visits.

Children who have a low risk of developing dental problems can be monitored 1-2 times a year until the baby teeth are fully developed, and those who have a high risk of developing dental problems should be monitored about 3-4 times. times a year.

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Services Price
Pedodontist consultation (pediatric dentistry) Free
Ultrasonic descaling and professional brushing 700 lei
Air Flow (professional jet for cleaning teeth with special toothpaste, air and water) 1000 lei
Dental prophylaxis for orthodontic brackets 1000 lei
Fluoridation with universal gutters – pedodontics 700 lei
Simple sealing 700 lei
Wide sealing – pedodontics 1000 lei
Band Aid 500 lei
Devitalizing dressing 200 lei
Pulpotomy 700 lei
Dental filling with Glassionomer (Glass ionomer) 700 lei
Photopolymerizable composite dental filling / permanent teeth 800 lei
Milk or temporary tooth extraction – pedodontics 700 lei

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