Prosthetic methods used in Implantodent dental clinic

Depending on your situation, Implantodent Dental Clinic offers the following types of dentures:

  • Through the dental veneers
  • Through inlays
  • Through dental crowns
  • Through crown bridges

The most common method mentioned above is dental crown prosthesis, which is the most common method of fixed prostheses.

Dental crowns are worn on damaged teeth, which gives them an ideal shape and color. These orthopedic structures accurately repeat the shape of the tooth and protect it from other damage.

Ceramic crown prostheses do not involve a change in the structure of the gums, which serves as a good prevention of periodontitis. At Implantodent Dental Clinic, patients have a consultation to understand which of these methods is the most effective depending on the problem they are facing!

Prosthesis – zirconia crowns

Zirconium dioxide is a state-of-the-art high-tech ceramic material that has light permeability and looks as natural as natural teeth. Due to this property, dental crowns made of zirconium dioxide are difficult to distinguish in color from natural teeth, and the high resistance of zirconium dioxide makes it possible to manufacture zirconium dental crowns of any length and size.

Prosthesis – crowns on implants

The implant method of crown prostheses offers ample possibilities for complete restoration of teeth, even in situations where dental defects are more visible. Thus, by fixing the dental crowns on the implants, the aim is to save the adjacent teeth, which are not subject to the preparation procedure. Crowns on implants are reliable and safe, do not distort the taste of food and do not require additional correction for a long time, having the same color and shape as natural teeth. In the Implantodent Dental Clinic you can choose to restore a complete smile!

A modern form of prosthesis – pressed ceramics

CAD CAM PRESSED CERAMICS is a modern form of dental prosthesis that can achieve excellent aesthetic results, much less harmful. The ceramic crown is made of extremely strong ceramic without the use of a metal frame. This method of prosthesis is justified in all cases when the old extended fillings need to be replaced, this ensuring an extension of the life of the teeth with a minimum loss of hard tissues.

Advantages of prosthesis at the Implantodent dental clinic:

  • A team of dentists with extensive experience
  • State-of-the-art digital diagnostic devices
  • Individually prescribed treatments
  • The use of the world’s best-known technologies in dental treatment
  • Treatment guarantees – high responsibility for the result
  • We have a regular hygiene support for each patient

The specialists of the Implantodent dental clinic perform a wide range of dental prosthetic services, of any complexity. Returning to us, you will have the joy of a full life and a healthy smile!

Prosthesis helps to reduce cosmetic and functional defects in the oral cavity. Implantodent Dental Clinic uses a variety of prosthetic methods that everyone can use! We are waiting for you!

Services Price
Temporary acrylics 1000 lei
Metal 1000 lei
Metal – ceramic 2000 lei
Metal – acrylic 1500 lei
Ceramic 200 euro
Simple prosthesis 4000 lei
Ceramic 250 euro
Valplast prosthesis 5000 lei
Skeletal prosthesis de la 400 euro
Implant prosthesis 300 + 50 euro per implant
Metallic inlay 700 lei
Ceramic inlay 200 euro
Prosthesis repair 500 – 1000 lei
Zeta imprint 500 lei
DMG Germany footprint 1000 lei
Implant opening 30 euro
Implant crown correction 50 euro
Fixing crowns 500 lei

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