System Fast&Fixed

Fast & Fixed is an alternative method of restoring teeth function in patients with pronounced vertical alveolar bone atrophy. The Fast & Fixed technique is indicated for patients with total or partial absence of teeth, as well as in cases where the only way to restore aesthetics and chewing function is to place a removable prosthesis or a large number of implants.

Due to the angular placement of the implants, a perfect biomechanical support for restoration is obtained.

Advantages of the Fast & Fixed system

The temporary prosthesis is fixed immediately on the same day, respectively, the procedure is performed in a single session, which facilitates both the work of the dentist and the psychological state of the patient. In addition, articulation and diction are not affected, and oral functions are regained very quickly.

Who is the Fast & Fixed implementation system for?

  • You have total upper or lower edentation or only partial edentulousness and you want a fixed prosthetic work.
  • You are facing the prospect of total edentulousness and you are too young for a mobile prosthesis.
  • You have a total or partial lack of teeth and minimal bone support to which no implants can be placed.
  • Your dental implant treatment involves sinus lift or nerve repositioning (Fast & Fixed helps to avoid these laborious interventions)
  • Daily activity requires a quick dental restoration.

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Prosthesis type Mobility Implants required Fastening system
Fixed prosthesis The prosthesis is permanently fixed on the existing implants. Only the dentist will be able to remove the prosthesis. The number of implants differs from case to case. The prosthesis is provided with a set of holes that correspond to the ends of the implants. These holes are intended to insert the retaining screws and are to be closed after attaching the prosthesis to the implants.
Mobile prosthesis Although the prosthesis is very firmly supported on existing implants, the patient can remove it (for example for cleaning). The implants are attached to a frame (a bar) that is to support the prosthesis. The prosthesis will be fixed to the implants by a click or snap system.
Prosthesis stabilization (old prosthesis or a new prosthesis) The patient can easily remove the prosthesis. A small number of dental implants (eg two) are required. The prosthesis is supported by the gum and the implant abutments

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